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Cepheid Variable is the second oldest club on campus. We are created for nerds by nerds. As the community continues to grow, so do we. As a non-profit organization at Texas A&M we not only try to create a welcoming environment, but we also like to give back as well. We do tons of volunteer work and donate money every year to a charity of choice by our members. Our money also go to making the experience of our members worthwhile. There are several conventions in Texas that we attend and pay the hotel room for, renting an entire theatre, annual cabin trips, visits to museums, and much more. Cepheid is also the leaders of AggieCon which has been running for over 50 years. For more info on AggieCon visit the AggieCon page.

Meet the Officers

Chair: tomas arguello

ThomasHowdy! I'm Tomas, a Senior ESET major with a Cybersecurity minor, and the Chair of Cepheid Variable for the 2022 - 2023 school year! I like video games, anime and boxing/weightlifting. My favorite games are Dark Souls, Stardew Valley and Yakuza Like a Dragon. As Chair, it's my job to run the organization and make sure everything runs smoothly!






Vice-Chair: benjamin jackson

BenHowdy! My name is Ben Jackson and I am the vice chair for Cepheid Variable for the 2022-2023 school year. I am a senior history major from Charlotte, NC and a member of the Corps of Cadets. My hobbies are rock climbing, video games, anime, reading, and shooting. As vice chair my job is to help Tomas with anything he needs to ensure everything goes the way it’s supposed to!






Finance: spratte








Fundraising: caitlin hullet & denali klein

Heyo, my name is Caitlin! I’m an LGBTQ+ senior horticulture major and one of the fundraising chairs for thisCaitlinyear. I love nature and have three cats & a fish that’re my entire world. I love cosplay, video & tabletop games, and anime & cartoons! Aside from nerdy things, I’m also the two year performance manager for TAMU Women’s Chorus and a member of the Cosplay Club. If you ever want a friend or some pet time, feel free to message me!





DenaliHowdy, I'm Denali, a senior Mechanical Engineering major and one of your Fundraising Officers this year. I’m a fan of Zelda, Dragon Quest, Pokemon, and various other JRPGS.  I’m also in love with space and legos. I can’t wait to meet you!






Public Relations: Harmony smith

HarmonyHowdy I’m harmony smith! Im a freshman here at A&M majoring in neuroscience. I like anything nerdy, and I’m willing to take part and learn new things. Specifically, my interests and hobbies include playing the violin, musical theatre, and rpg games. Really the only thing I don’t like are fps.





Social Media Manager: Emma Tuttle
EmmaHowdy, I’m Emma, a sophomore Forensics and Investigative Science major with a psychology minor. I will one day legally cut up humans. My obsessions include, but are not limited to, DC comics (Batman especially), anime, DnD, cosplaying, music, and games. I also have a wealth of random facts--for example, "a hoe never gets cold" is a scientifically supported statement.





Women's student development: Maxine woods

MaxHowdy! I’m Maxine Woods. I’m a Junior, majoring in Electrical Engineering, minoring in Mathematics. I will be your Women’s Student Development officer this 2023 Spring Semester. I like to weight-lift on the daily and read/learn about different cultures. I love music, from listening to learning new instruments. I also love playing first-person shooter games (like COD, halo, etc). If you ever need me for anything, or just want to hangout (or workout), feel free to message me 





Men's student development: austin munson

AustinHowdy!! I'm Austin, I'm a part of the class of '24, and I am majoring in ESET. I love playing video games, RTS/TBS & FPS, playing Magic the Gathering, anime, and much more. I'm usually down to do anything and don't mind lending an ear or hand if anyone needs help. I look forward to having fun with you all this upcoming year!





LGBTQ+ Student development: xander scislowski







Small Programs Officer: Ryan shoeb

RyanHowdy, my name is Ryan Shoeb and I'm the small programs officer. I am an electrical engineer class of 2024. I enjoy playing Magic the Gathering, League of Legends, and being with my 2 cats. If you are ever interested in adding a new small programs to cepheid please talk to me.






Webmaster: Christian moreno

​​ChristianHowdy, my name is Christian and I'm a senior Urban Planning major and also a current member of the Texas A&M Student Senate. I'm Cepheid's Webmaster, so my job is to maintain and update our website. Some of my interests include drawing, watching anime (ask me about Evangelion), and going on walks. If you have any inquiries, including those not related to the Cepheid website, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help out!




Secretary: andrew volney

​​AndrewHowdy! I'm Andrew Volney, the Secretary for the upcoming academic year. I'm a sophomore accounting major from Dallas, Texas. I play card games and oversee Excel sheets. Looking forward to meeting all of you!







Events coordinator: Aliah vick

AliahI'm Aliah, a sophomore statistics major at TAMU. My hair color and style changes a lot, so if you're looking for me look for the piercings instead! I like most all things nerdy and crafty, and I'm looking forward to working with y'all