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Welcome to a New Year of Nerd!

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AggieCon is the oldest, largest student-run fan convention in the world! We like to call ourselves a "congloma-con." We cater to all fandoms, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, Horror, Anime, and many more.

The convention is proudly run by Cepheid Variable, the oldest Texas A&M student organization devoted to the support and promotion of all things geeky.

Ticket sales aren't up yet but feel free to join our discord for any updates on guest, panels, or just to converse with other con goers.

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Q: What is AggieCon?

A: We're glad you asked! AggieCon is the annual student-run convention put on by members of Cepheid Variable. Held at Texas A&M's very own Rudder Tower, we have hosted fascinating guests ranging from Aaron Dismuke, to Jeffery Cranor to George R.R. Martin himself! (Fortunately, no con-goers were inexplicably killed off during the extent of his visit). The con is open to everyone and is a great way to spend your weekend to meet other people in your fandom, attend panels such as Cosplay Cafe and Waifu Warfare, and much more! There is also a dealers room where you can shop from a plethora of talented artists. All in all, it’s a great atmosphere to go and have fun with friends and meet new people like yourself! We hope to see you there!

Q: How long has AggieCon been a thing?

A: The first AggieCon was held in 1969. This will be our 52nd annual convention!

Q: Do we have to cosplay to attend this convention?

A: Absolutely not! Though we won’t stop you from rocking that Iron Man outfit you’ve been working on for months!
We’d love to see your creativity on our con floor! Please check our cosplay rules for what is and isn't allowed in the convention space.

Q: Is there an age restriction at this convention?

A: Some things like Anime at Night as well as a couple of panels are age restricted, but the general convention is open to all ages!

Q: Where is AggieCon taking place?

A: Texas A&M University, Memorial Student Center
275 Joe Routt Blvd, College Station, TX 77840

Q: When is AggieCon?

A: March 3rd - March 5th

Q: Is there any way to get free tickets?

A: You can get free tickets by volunteering at the convention (8 hours for general and 6 hours for cafe)
or hosting 3 or more panels. Please visit or staff page to sign up.

Q: How do I get to AggieCon?

A: Tickets are currently on sale online at the official TAMU e-store. Click here to purchase tickets.

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