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Attack of Opportunity

The DnD matchmaking service we have. We try to ensure this is for both new and experienced players. We pair you up to dnd sessions that fit your needs. We will also have one shots posted 2-3 weeks in advance for you to join.


This is the anime group. We'll talk about anime and argue about why certain anime characters are better then others. There's also an anime watch along that members vote on and we rent out a theater if there is an anime movie coming out.

Shirts and Goggles 

We make and share cosplay with one another. This small program is to create a space once a week dedicated to working on cosplay. We will also have some sessions where we will be teaching you the basics of cosplay. We will also be helping each other out. 

Card Shop

The Trading Card Game (TCG) small program. Focuses on playing and learning how to play TCG games. This includes Pokémon, Digimon, Vanguard, Magic, etc. Will be meeting every Weekend to play and learn a variety of TCG games.

Gym Gremlins

The fitness small program. Focuses on health, fitness and sports. Will include group training sessions, from weight lifting to swimming and any other exercise/sport people are interested in. Advice on fitness and overall health will be given. Discussion of these topics as well as one's Personal Records (PRs) are encouraged. We also set you guys up in little groups to work out together and have monthly challenges related to anime/video games.

Quarter Circle

Ever tired of Smash being the only fighting game people play? Well this small program is the solution for you. Focuses on playing games such as Street Fighter, Tekken and Soul Caliber, as well as many others.

Saber School*

The swordsmen ship small program. Come hangout and learn basic swordsmen ship skills, then apply your skills in sparring sessions in a safe and controlled environment. We use foam sword and enforce a rule set which values everyone's safety above all else. (We also have light sabers you could borrow)

Board Game Brotherhood

Join us every week to play board games. This can range from popular board games such as monopoly and more niche games like spirit island. No worries you are sure to find something you'll enjoy playing here with the wide selection we have.


We will be reading books every month and talking about it. At the end of every month we will get together to talk about it or we will watch the film associated with it. We also have some connections with people in the film industry and will try to get them to come talk about it.

Manga Squad

This is essentially our book club but for manga and comic books only. We do the exact same things as Nook; however we have associations with Viz media so we can also ask for some voice actors or some manga creators to come visit and talk to us.

Block Bois*

This is our Minecraft server. We will be doing some just general Minecraft stuff like going around and preparing to beat the ender dragon and we'll also do some competitions as well. This includes building contest, fight contest and much more.


We just come together to watch something for a long time. Before the last avengers movie we did a marathon of all the marvel movies up till that point. We also watched Lord of the Rings. If there's any suggestions for a marathon let us know and we will make it happen.

Chef BoiHowdy*

This is our cooking small program. We will teach you the basics about cooking and some kitchen safety. Every month we will also have a cooking lesson relating to an anime or video game. The first one we'll do is food wars then legend of zelda. Afterwards we'll have everyone vote on what they want to do.

Pencil of Doom

This is an art program. We host the monthly art contest and play art games together as well. Games such as Gartic Phone, TKO,, and much more. We also have some events such as watching Bob Ross and just following along to it.

Later Skater

Later Skater is a group meant for socializing and skating. We will talk and skate (skateboarding, rollerskating, etc) as we meet others who love skating. Meetings will be every Friday from 8pm to 10pm in front of the MSC water fountain. In addition, we will take a trip to the ice skating rink once a semester.


We're a group for all pokemon fans, old and new. Whether you like to battle competitively, collect the cards, play pokemon go, or watch the anime, we will have something for you. It's a good way to meet other pokemon fans and indulge in the pokemon franchise.

Spa Day

The male centered small program. Focuses on fostering a brotherhood between the men of Cepheid Variable. Will host events throughout the year to bond with one another. Be sure to join the group me to get the know about every event.

Fight Night

A woman centered small program. Focused on fostering a strong community between the women of Cepheid Variable. Will host events throughout the year to bond with one another.  Be sure to join the group me to get the know about every event.

*Members only small programs

Meeting and Events

For meeting and events for the small program (except Spa Day and Fight Night) check out our calendar.