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Meet the Staff

Director: Alecks Torres

Picture of Alecks Torres in a Fire Emblem CosplayHowdy! I'm Alejandro Torres and I'm the director for AggieCon 51. I was the Director's Assistant for AggieCon 50 and love con so I'm very happy to have it return. I'm a senior double major in Technology Management and Human Resource Development. I've been attending conventions since I was 14 years old and have been going ever since. I'm a huge fan of survival horror and rpg video games and most board games. I'm normally on discord playing Phasmophobia or Dead by Daylight every night. I'm a huge fan of comics, manga, and anime as well with One Piece being my favorite manga.

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Con Ops: Sydney Do

Picture of Sydney in a Nezuko CosplayHeyo! I'm Sydney Do. My job is to make sure everyone is on task and getting stuff done. Also here to ensure the con and everything related to it runs smoothly. Everything runs by me first then our director. I love anime, cosplay, and film but I love talking to people about it even more. So feel free to hit me up if you need something or just to have a friendly conversation. I'm always open. Hope to see yall in March and I hope we can have a fun time together!

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Guest Relations: Benjamin Jackson

Picture of Ben with a shovelHowdy! My name is Benjamin Jackson, class of 2023, and I will be the Guest Relations Officer for Aggiecon 51. I am a history major from Fort Benning, Georgia, and I joined Cepheid Variable as a freshman. My hobbies are rock climbing, video games, and watching anime.



Programming: Tomas Arguello

Picture of Tomas Arguello in a Lil Mac CosplayHowdy! I'm Tomas, the Programming officer of Aggiecon 51! I'm a senior and also an ESET engineering major with a Computer Science minor. I like anime, manga, video games and working out, specifically boxing. As the Programming officer, I'll be in charge of coming up with events, panels and overall scheduling! Ts and Gs!

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Dealer's Room: Garrett Vehlewald

Garrett as Beige ManHey everyone! I’m Garrett and I’m one of the chair minions for this semester. I’m a senior Electrical Engineering student from Houston. I have a pretty general interest in just about anything in the club and hope that you guys will have fun in it too.

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Con Suite: Emily Sarria

Picture of Emily in front of AggielandHowdy! My name is Emily Sarria, and I'm the Con Suite officer for AggieCon 51. I'm in charge of all refreshments offered at AggieCon. Outside of my officer responsibilities, I'm a senior at Texas A&M University majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Physics and Astrophysics. I enjoy a wide variety of nerd activities, including video games, anime and manga.


Public Relations: Ivan Franco & Bella Castillo

Picture of Ivan with his pug¡Hola! Howdy! My name is Ivan Franco, and I am tasked with a position that has at least a small degree of importance. I am the cordial messenger, he who transcribes emails, the one who facilitates communication, the bearer of fresh news. To abridge, I speak with people about anything related to AggieCon! I am also a dungeon master and enjoy writing fun and intriguing original fiction :)

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Picture of Bella at her internshipHowdy, my name is Bella and I’m the Social Media Manager for Aggie Con! I’m a freshman biology major looking to become a dentist, and my hobbies include sewing, bread making, and watching anime. I’m super friendly and love to get to know all different types of people, so feel free to reach out!



Security/Workers: Asa Hayes

Picture of AsaHowdy! I'm Asa Hayes and I'm the Head Officer for Con Volunteers and Security. I've been either assistant or head of this position for the past couple of Aggiecons, so I've been waiting to get rolling again. I'm a seniior, majoring in Geographic Information Systems & Tech., along with a CompSci minor. I'm big on video games, manga, D&D, MtG, etc., especially with other Cepheids.

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Registration: Aashay Kadakia

Picture of AashayWhat's up y'all I'm Aashay. For AggieCon 51 I'm in charge of registration, or making sure that everyone in AggieCon is meant to be there. Other then that I am class of ‘23 at Texas A&M. My interest include Kingdom Hearts (I know all the lore), Pokémon, sitcoms, anime, board games and league of legends. Really excited to see everyone in March!

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Cosplay: Hannah Franke

Picture of HannahHowdy! My name is Hannah and I’m the Cosplay Officer for Aggiecon 51. I’m in charge of locating and coordinating cosplay guests, running the cosplay contest, and other cosplay-related events. I’m a Class of ‘22 geology major and also the President of the TAMU Cosplay Club!




Tabletop/TCG: Sai Nakka

Picture of SaiHowdy!! I'm Sai K Nakka, and I'm a Graduate Student at Texas A&M, but more importantly I am your Table Top Games officer for AggieCon 51. As Tabletop officer, I'm Responsible for all Tabletop Games at Con, including Board Games, Trading Card Games, and Tabletop RPGs.


Video Game Room: Andrew Nite

Picture of Andrew t-posing with a pool noodleHowdy! My name is Andrew, and I'm in charge of running the video game room for AggieCon 51. I'm into anime, tabletop games, video games (obviously), and occasionally speedrunning. My favorite types of games are platformers and metroidvania.

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Anime Room: Austin Munson

Picture of AustinMy name is Austin Munson and I am currently a sophomore Comp Sci major. I love playing video games, playing D&D, watching anime, and sleeping. I am the current the Anime Room officer and will be manning the anime room in AggieCon 51. Let's hope for a great year and a better AggieCon.

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Volunteer sign ups will be available starting August 31st.