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Meet the AggieCon 52 Staff

Director: sydney do

Sydney Hello! I'm a senior Math Major at Texas A&M and this year's AggieCon Director. I was the assistant director last year for AggieCon 51 and loved going around getting to meet new people and had a great time managing the convention. So glad to be back for another year of AggieCon. Hoping to make it better and pave the way for more to come. Ever since I was a child I have always been really into Sci-Fi, Anime, Video Games, and really all things nerdy. I love to cosplay, play DnD, draw, and dance. My interest has brought me closer with people in the community and I want to be able to give people the same experience that I had while going to conventions. A chance to bond, make life long friends, and learn about different components of nerd culture. I am always open to making new friends so come and talk to me about anything, even if I know nothing about it I am always happy to explore new interest.

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assistant Director: matthew mcfarland

MatthewHowdy! My name is Matthew! I'm a junior Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences major, and this years Assistant Director. I've been a fan of nerdy things most of my life, from video games and anime, to DND and comics. Outside of nerdy things, I love cooking, baking, and animals. I'm super happy for all the friends I've made through shared interests of nerd culture, and hope to make AggieCon 52 a place people can meet friends both new and old. Feel free to reach out to me for anything!






guest relations: micheal guerra


MichaelHowdy I’m a Nutrition Major from the Class of 2023. I’ve been a huge fan of video games ever since my first Gameboy advance and been an anime fan since watching Toonami on Cartoon Network, Im grateful for the fun these hobbies bring both with the people and media.

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public relations: Jocylin Lopez & rohana rajasekar

JocylinHowdy, my name is Jocylin but you can call me Joy! Artist. Sticker Addict. Video Game Enthusiast. Small Business Owner. I am a Senior in Visualization with a minor in Game Design and Development. A native Texan, raised with big passions and a love for visual story telling. I love making and playing video games, watching anime and art. My favorite genres are horror and romance. Since I'm a workaholic you'll most likely see me around campus involved in a few different organizations and clubs. I am a big daydreamer looking to create, adventure and conquer new worlds. And I look forward to contributing to Aggie Con!

Contact me:




RohanaHi hi! I’m Rohana Rajasekar and I’m Public Relations officer for aggiecon! I’m a sophmore in Chemical engineering and my job is to make sure Aggiecon is well advertised and keep in contact with some panelists! I love anime, manga and all things video games and I love talking to people about it! So feel free to hit me up if you need something or just to have a friendly conversation. I'm always open minded and available to talk to. Hope to see y’all at Aggiecon and I hope we can have a great time together! Plus Ultra!







con suites: zoie lancaster

ZoieHi! I’m Zoie :) I’m a sophomore at TAMU hoping to enter into Visualization. I like everything Star Wars, Marvel and Disney! I draw a lot, watch less anime than I should, live on Destiny 2, and generally try my best to live my life to the fullest. Ciao!







registration: aashay kadakia

AashayHey y'all I'm Aashay! A senior at TAMU in Electrical Engineering. My main interests are Kingdom hearts, Pokémon, League of Legends, and slice of life anime, but I'm interested in sci-fi fantasy stuff as a whole. Hope to see y'all there!






anime room: austin munson

AustinHowdy!! I'm Austin, I'm a part of the class of '24, and I am majoring in ESET. I love playing video games, RTS/TBS & FPS, playing Magic the Gathering, anime, and much more. I'm usually down to do anything and don't mind lending an ear or hand if anyone needs help. I look forward to having fun with you all this upcoming year!


tabletop & tcg: osman farook

Osman_PictureHowdy! I'm Ozzy and I didn't submit my picture or bio.




security: cassandra mccallum

Cassie​​​​Howdy, I’m Cassie McCallum, this year’s AggieCon volunteer/security coordinator! I’m a big cartoon and anime fan, a hobby artist, and a cosplayer crippled by con crunch! I’m a junior at Texas A&M University studying Bioenvirnmental Sciences and I am so excited to be part of AggieCon 52 and I hope to see y’all soon!

game room: andrew nite

AashayHowdy, I'm Andrew Nite! I'm a Sociology major, and the guy in charge of the game room for Aggiecon 52. My favorite types of games are platformers and Metroidvanias, and I do some casual speedrunning (when I have time). I ran the game room at Aggiecon 51 and it was a blast, so I'm super excited to be back. I look forward to seeing y'all there!






programming: giuseppe rossi

GiuseppeHowdy, I'm Giuseppe and I'm a senior psychology major. Video games, sci-fi/fantasy, and comic books have been a part of my life since as long as I can remember, and recently the addition of anime has occurred as well. Generally laid back and just trying to have a good time. Hope to see everyone at the con!

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