Programming and schedule

  Friday         Saturday       Sunday        
  Panel 1 Panel 2 Auditorium Ballroom Videogames Panel 1 Panel 2 Auditorium Videogames Panel 1 Panel 2 Auditorium Ballroom Videogames
Event Time     *Student Check-In, 9:30-10:00                      
10:00 AM TAMU VizLab Presentations Getting Into Character: Role Playing Trigun     Cosplay Q&A/ Meet the Judges- Atari Girl, Megan Proska, Jillian Athey, Cosplay Meg Aurlanauts Q&A Steins Gate   Aaron Roberts Short Film Double Feature Cosplay 101 Armor and Props- Jillian Athey, Megan Proska, Cosplay Meg Cowboy Bebop    
11:00 Let's Make a Comic! Wrathborne Champions Demo - Randover Games Trigun     Cosplay Jeopardy- Sammy Berzoza SungWon Cho Q&A Steins Gate Smash Tournament Artist Hour- Martin Whitmore Cosplay Makeup 101- Megan Proska Cowboy Bebop    
12:00     Anohana Student Lunch/Meet & Greet with Guests, Panelists   Iron Artist (G Rated)- Sammy Berzoza, Martin Whitmore Cosplay Contest Setup and Registration Smash Tournaments Con Horror Stories (18+) - Aaron Roberts Character Creation 101- Nakul Rao, Joseph Malveaux, Patricia Suzuki Gurren Lagann    
1:00 The Urban Interface Birds of Prey Presentation Creative Writing Workshop Anohana     (closed) Indie Writers and Fanfiction: The Overlap- Alycia Christine, Mel White, Tex Thompson

Cosplay Contest- Sammy Berzoza, Cosplay Judges, Dr. Nerdlove

Smash Tournaments Cepheid Story Time (18+) - Various Elders Villains vs. Aliens - Mel White, Tex Thompson, Alycia Christine, Seth Brady Gurren Lagann    
2:00 Intro to Cosplay *space reserved for additional writing time* {G RATED Anime of Ian's choice}     Becoming a GM/DM- Patricia Suzuki, Roni French, Nakul Rao Back When You Could Get Sued: History of Fanfiction- Mel White, Tex Thompson, Alycia Christine Smash Tournaments (closed) (closed) Closing Ceremonies :'( - Andrew Hoertt, Heather Jacobs, Sammy Berzoza, ALL CON OFFICERS    
3:00     Student Feedback and Send-Off     SungWon Cho & Aaron Dismuke Talk Anime How To: Produce Music- Auralnauts Black Paper Moon Set up Smash Tournaments Gtfo
4:00 (closed) Opening Ceremonies     Cospositivity- Jillian Athey, Atari Girl, Cosplay Meg, Megan Proska Aaron Roberts Q&A

Black Paper Moon

Smash Tournaments      
5:00 RPGS 101- Patricia Suzuki, Roni French, Nakul Rao Stocking Your Library- Alycia Christine, Mel White, Tex Thompson, Seth Brady, Dave Lucarelli Baccano   Mario Cart 8 tournament The Men Behind the Toons- Aaron Roberts, SungWon Cho, Aaron Dismuke The Gorbals Vampire Incident - Dave Lucarelli Smash Tournaments      
6:00 Tied Up in a Bow- Jennifer Logan Science Fiction Double Feature- Rocky Cast, Sammy Berzoza Baccano     50 Shades of Nope: Relationships in Fiction- Dr. Nerdlove, TAMU Rep (18+) Parody Creation and Execution- Auralnauts (Move the art) Smash Tournaments      
7:00 LARP 101 - Ernie Ramos, Ryan Coogan Aaron Dismuke Q&A Black Paper Moon Set Up (Closed: Rocky Set Up) Street Fighter V (Closed) (Closed)

Art Auction- Sammy Berzoza

Smash Tournaments          
8:00 Cosplay Dating (18+) - Sammy Berzoza Risk and Rewards of Backing a Kickstarter Project- Randover Games, Bobby Allen Black Paper Moon (Closed: Rocky Set up)   (Closed) (Closed) Smash Tournaments    

Vampire/Werewolf LARP - Mind's Eye Society

  Black Paper Moon Tear Down

Rocky Horror

  Iron Artist (18+)- Sammy Berzoza, Martin Whitmore (Tear down from Art Auction) Smash Tournaments      
10:00             Smash Tournaments      
11:00             Smash Tournaments      
12:00 Closed     Closed         Closed          

Program Name Program Description Panelists Date/Time Room
Organized Alphabetically (A-Z)        
Aaron Dismuke Q&A Aaron Dismuke will take questions! Ask him anything your heart desires. Aaron Dismuke Friday, 7pm-8pm Panel 2
Aaron Roberts Q&A Ask Aaron anything! Well, just about anything. D. Gray-man, Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, High School DxD, etc... Aaron Roberts Saturday, 4pm-5pm Panel 2
Aaron Roberts Short Film Double Feature Aaron and FUNimation Lead writer Blair Rowan have teamed up to create two hilarious and brutal live-action shorts that deal with anime obsession and psychological horror. Aaron will discuss on-camera acting technique and filmmaking! Aaron Roberts Sunday, 10am-11am Panel 1
Art Auction Come support Scotty's House at our Charity Auction! All proceeds from sales go to Scotty's House, a child advocacy center in the B/CS area. Sammy Berzoza Saturday, 7pm-9pm Auditorium
Artist Hour Discussion with Martin Whitmore about art as a career, artists, and getting recognition within the art industry Martin Whitmore Sunday, 11am-12pm Panel 1
Auralnauts Q&A The Auralnauts will take questions from the audience on a variety of topics, including parodies, YouTube, Patreon, and music. Auralnauts Saturday, 10am-11am Panel 2
Back When You Could Get Sued: History of Fanfiction Oldschool fanfiction and how the culture and laws have changed around the art of fanfiction. Alycia Christine, Mel White, Tex Thompson Saturday, 2pm-3pm Panel 2
Becoming a GM/DM Basics on how to GM/DM a good game, building good worlds and having good stories. Patricia Suzuki, Nakul Rao, Roni French Saturday, 2pm-3pm Panel 1
Black Paper Moon Come listen to some great music from the anime cover band Black Paper Moon! Black Paper Moon Friday, 8pm-9pm Saturday, 3:30pm-5:30pm Auditorium
Cepheid Story Time (18+) Listen to the Elders tell stories about their time in Cepheid and the absolutely true, 100% completely not made up stories of their time in Cepheid Variable. Cepheid Elders, Sammy Berzoza Sunday, 1pm-2pm Panel 1
Character Creation 101 How to make a fun interesting and characters in tabletop RPGs Nakul Rao, Joseph Malveux, Patricia Suzuki Sunday, 12pm-1pm Panel 2
Con Horror Stories 18+ Cell phones off! It puts the cellphone in the basket or it doesn't get to ask it! Aaron Roberts will share his horrifying convention and personal stories and leads a discussion into the pitch-black corners of your mind. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their stories as well. Aaron Roberts Sunday, 12pm-1pm Panel 1
Cospositivity Discussing cosplay, body image, and body positivity. Jillian Athey, Cosplay Meg, Megan Proska, Atari Girl Saturday, 4pm-5pm Panel 1
Cosplay 101: Armor and Props Basics and intro to making your own props and armor. This would include, tips, tricks, and techniques. Jillian Athey, Cosplay Meg, Megan Proska Sunday, 10am-11am Panel 2
Cosplay 101 Makeup Basics and intro to cosplay makeup, including a demonstration, tips, tricks and techniques. Megan Proska Sunday, 11am-12pm Panel 2
Cosplay Contest (Including Set up and Registration) Wear your best cosplay and compete in a competition where the winner gets a prize! A panel of seasoned cosplayers will be judging based on performance, creativity, and style. Cosplay meg, Jillian Athey, Megan Proska, Atari Girl, Sammy Saturday, 12:00pm-3pm Auditorium
Cosplay Dating (18+) "Bring back the Cosplay Dating Show!"

It's the Dating Show but with a twist: all of the contestants are cosplayers who must stay in character for the entirety of the show!
Will your OTP make it out alive?
This is a 18+ panel and may contain content not appropriate for minors.
Sammy Berzoza Friday, 8pm-9pm Panel 1
Cosplay Jeopardy New to AggieCon!

Done in the style of Saturdy Night Live's Celebrity Jeopardy. All of the contestants will be cosplayers selected from the audience who must stay in character for the entirety of the show.
Sammy Berzoza Saturday, 11am-12pm Panel 1
Cosplay Q&A/ Meet the Judges Time for budding cosplayers to ask the cosplay judges questions, whether it be about technique or experiences. Cosplay judges will talk about their favorite, least favorite, funny, or otherwise memorable experiences about cosplay. Cosplay meg, Jillian Athey, Megan Proska, Atari Girl Saturday, 10am-11am Panel 1
Gorbals Vampire Incident In 1954, hundreds of school children invaded a Glasgow cemetery looking for a vampire.
It was dismissed as mass hysteria and blamed on comic books. Though no comic was found at the time
that could have directly inspired the incident, the British Parliament nonetheless used the incident to ban American horror comics in the UK. In recent years evidence has emerged they may have been right about what motivated the young vampire hunters. Find out about this mysterious case of life imitating art and inspiring it from David Lucarelli the creator of The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade.
Dave Lucarelli Saturday, 5pm- 6pm Panel 2
How To: Produce Music,   Auralnauts Saturday, 3-4pm, Panel 2
Indie Writers and Fanfiction: the Overlap How to go from fanfiction to independent writing. Alycia Christine, Mel White, Tex Thompson Saturday, 1pm-2pm Panel 2
Iron Artist (G-Rated) Show off your artistic abilities in the multi round competition in front of a live audience. Each round has a theme and art supplies are provided. All skill levels welcome and the winning art will be displayed in Art Show then auctioned off later that day. Sammy Berzoza, Martin Whitmore Saturday, 12pm-1pm Panel 1-2
Iron Artist (18+) Show off your artistic abilities in the multi round competition in front of a live audience! Each round has a theme and art supplies are provided. All skill levels welcome and the winning art will be displayed in the 18+ section of the Art Show. This Iron Artist is NSFW so create whatever your heart desires! Sammy Berzoza, Martin Whitmore Saturday, 9pm-10pm Panel 1-2
LARP 101 A primer for those trying Live Action Role Playing for the first time. Tips and tricks on how to get into character, how to leave your real self at the door, and the pros and cons of Find Out In Game. Ernie Ramos, Ryan Coogan Friday, 7pm-8pm Panel 1
Men Behind the Toons Voice acting panel discussing the industry, different tecniques used, and the audition process Aaron Dismuke, SungWon Cho, Aaron Roberts Saturday, 5pm-6pm Panel 1
Parody Creation and Execution   Auralnauts Saturday 6-7pm Panel 2
50 Shades of Nope: Relationships in Fiction (18+) How certain relationships portrayed in fiction are fine in fantasy but damaging in reality. Dr. Nerdlove, TAMU Rep Saturday, 6pm-7pm Panel 1
Risk and rewards of backing a Kickstarter project How to tell if a game on Kickstarter is worth backing and what it's like to Kickstart a game. Bobby Allen with Bob's Weekend Wonders, Randover Games Friday, 8pm-9pm Panel 2
Rocky Horror Picture Show (18+) Come join the Rocky Horror shadow cast as they perform Rocky Horror Picture Show. Audience participation is MANDATORY! Rocky Horror Cast Friday, 9pm-12am Auditorium
RPGS 101 For the person just starting out in tabletop games. The basics of any RPG and learning the system. Patricia Suzuki, Nakul Rao, Roni French Friday, 5pm-6pm Panel 1
Science Fiction Double Feature Q&A panel with the shadow cast of Rocky Horror. Rocky Cast, Sammy Berzoza Friday, 6pm-7pm Panel 2
Stocking Your Library A discussion panel between writers and the audience about their favorite authors. Alycia Christine, Mel White, Tex Thompson, Dave Lucarelli, Seth Brady   Panel 2
SungWon Cho Q&A SungWon Cho takes questions from the audience. SungWon Cho Saturday, 11am-12pm Panel 2
SungWon Cho and Aaron Dismuke Talk Anime Come listen to Aaron and SungWon discuss their favorite anime, favorites that they've been involved in, and ones they wish more people knew about. SungWon Cho, Aaron Dismuke Saturday, 3pm-4pm Panel 1
Tied Up In A Bow Proper corset lacing and corset care. A quick primer on corset types and how to tell a good corset from bad. Jennifer Logan Friday, 6pm-7pm Panel 1
Vampire/Werewolf LARP A combined werewolf/vampire live action roleplaying event Mind's Eye Society Friday, 9pm-12am Panel 1
Villains vs. Aliens Who are the best speculative fiction bad guys and why do we love to hate them so much? Alycia Christine, Mel White, Tex Thompson Sunday, 1pm-2pm Panel 2