Aggiecon Dealers

AggieCon 50 will have an abundance of vendors and artists at this years event. Everything from candles and tea to collectibles and prints. Below is a list of most of our vendors. 

Email for more info!

DC-Imports Plush, figurines, collectibles, keychains, face masks, mouse pads, wall scrolls, pillows, blankets, mystery bags/boxes.
Wings Can Speak Prints, Stickers, Buttons, Charms, and Commissions
I am Luna Sol Anime inspired enamel pins, keychains, art prints, buttons, stickers
M.R. Graham USA Today bestselling author M.R. Graham writes contemporary and historical speculative fiction and mysteries, including the Liminality Series, the Van Helsing Legacy, and the Adventures of Morrigan Holmes, and hand-crafts prop vampire slayer kits.
Cynthia Conner Illustration Fantasy and animal illustration, prints, original drawings, and paintings, buttons stickers, commissions, portraits
Snapped Dragons Mountain T-shirts, Dragon Stuff (goblets, statues, etc.) Pyrographic boxes, hand made jewelry, original artwork.
Pepptart Prints, stickers, keychains, and original work.
JPN Toys Japanese Anime Apparels.
Zyeph Shop Boyfriend and girlfriend pillows, throw pillows, posters, prints, original comic books, keychains, and buttons
Blue Cherry Faerie Blue Cherry Faerie is a small, woman-owned, Texas-based business which specializes in crafts and accessories for tabletop gamers. A majority of the products sold are hand-made by the owner. Products include dice bags, messenger bags, dice trays, dice, replacement/upgrade game components, custom themed artwork, and convention pillows which turn into blankets. Blue Cherry Faerie also takes custom orders for any of their hand-made products.
Rix Cafe Texican We will be selling books written by Gretchen Rix, primarily the space opera series beginning with The Goodall Mutiny, the weird western Arroyo, and the fantasy and horror collections Twisted Rixter and Ill Met By Moonlight. We’re also bringing mystery novels and romance novels written by Gretchen Rix, and hope to debut her newest mystery novel at the con.
Nerdi Handmades Knit and crochet accessories, amigurumi, and home decor items. Other items include embroideries, handmade cards, and other small home decor items.
Clockwork Games & Events A variety of games including board games, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, D&D and other trading card games.
Author Dave Lund - Tales of Adventure Print copies of my book series Winchester Undead published by Permutted Press, as well as high quality print photographs of notable Aggieland landmarks.
Weirdly Cute Fantasy collectables, custom costumes, anime/character shirst and petticoats, art, art collectables, incense, adult coloring books.
Da Next Generation Prints, Canvas, Buttons, Pins, Stickers, Totes, Posters, Shirts, Hats, Wristbands, Skateboards, Jewelry, Phone Accessories.
Martasketch Cute and colorful prints, charms, and more for lovers of videogames and anime. Stationary, stickers, and on-site comissions also available.
Celestian Art Stickers, enamel pins, post card prints, and charms.
Artistic Geek Local illustrator and graphic designer selling original prints and paintings.
Myth Adventures Board Games, Card Games,Toys Manga Comics Gundams and related products.
The Art of Scribbells Prints.
Tea Punk Teas, LLC High qulity loose leaf teas with a steampunk attitude.
Jiyuu Illustration Jiyuu Illustration creates original and fanart prints, keychains, stickers, and buttons.
Morales Illustration Prints of original work and hand draw work. Live drawing and commissions/caricatures.
Tinfoil Dragon Costumes and Props Nerdy jewelry for sale, costume work on display with commission info available.
White Lightning Productions Manga and graphic novels, DVDs and BluRay (mostly anime), original T- shirts.
Willow Grove Candles Willow Grove Candles provides a variety of Fandom Fragrances from the World of Fiction & Fantasy! We carry candles, soaps, and bath bombs inspired by all things geek.
Tre Rebstock Science Fiction Novels.
Mowbit Fan art and original designs.
Teeimp T-Shirts.
The Father Gaming Podcast TFGP IS MORE THAN JUST A PODCAST! It’s a celebration of all things Geek, Nerd, OTAKU and everything that falls in the cracks between.
Crooked Tee Graphics Professional Henna Tattoos, my original artworks and fandom prints
Naturally Nerdy Nerdy Nothings makes high quality odds and ends for fandoms, primarily soaps, scrubs, masks, dragon eggs, and fun shapes of crayons. There is a bit of everything for all nerds.
Artsy Ninja Pop Art Costume Jewlry made from repurposed items, hand braided, netted, weaved, stiched, & strung necklaces, bracelets, & earings. Resin pendants, rings,pins, & magnets. Perler beaded figures & art.
Bryan+College Station Public Library System Public library – library cards, summer reading, books, and ebooks; items that can be checked out for free, and upcoming programs.
The Power of Legend Series What happens when a girl finds out she’s a dragon? Meet the author of the Power of Legends series, Kathryn Friesen, and get signed copies of her books!
Blackwolf Armory & Props Displaying handcrafted replica props from movies, TV, and video games. Custom made weapons, armor, and outfits for cosplay, comic-cons...etc.
Texas Veterans Outdoors Nonprofit veteran organization.
Victoria Rivero Original Prints.
Dzur's Treasures Gaming miniatures and miniature hobby supplies.
Press A to Talk Posters, stickers, and buttons.
Glasses Brigade Buttons, stickers, keychains, small and large prints.
Starships & Dragons Transformer toys. MTG, Ame'Comi figurines, Heroscape game, Monsterhigh dolls, misc toys & collectibles.
Mudslinger Pottery Fun & functional handmade pottery with celtic, steampunk, and other fannish motifs.
Aletheia Cosplay Photography prints
Page 7 LLC, Dystopia Rising: Texas Dystopia Rising is a live-action game set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. For one full weekend you will join a settlement of survivors. You will eat, sleep, and fight in-character. You will have to gather resources to survive, fend off hordes of the undead, stop raiders from attacking you in the night, and protect what little you have from thieves and killers who will hurt you to help their own chances of survival. Create a character and meet others who are also trying to survive the wasteland. Forge new friendships and pursue a story of your choosing in the ultimate sandbox. 
Leonor Collectibles Action Figures, Anime, Sci-fi, Horror, LEGO Mini Figs, NECA, Mezco, S.H. Figuarts, Funko POPS.
IKV Logh Veng Fan Group dedicated to Klingon Fandom within the Star Trek Universe.
Fernado's Games Vintage collectable figurines, old school video games and consoles, modern video games, collectable items.