Aggiecon Dealers

Dealer Website Description
Kriti's Henna None Henna artist providing unique body art and an all-natural, completely safe way of getting a temporary tattoo.
Daemon Noire Designs Hand crafted wirework and chainmail jewelry
Dzur's Treasures Minatures, Miniature Games, & Miniature Hobby Products
Snapped Dragons Jewelry, Mountain T-Shirts, Cute hats, pyrographic boxes
Bob's Weekend Wonders Board Games, Self Published and Kickstarter
Jeannine Fitzgeralds None Notebook covers made from recycled materials. Buttons. Pillows
Rix Cafe Texican None Books. We will be selling the science fiction, horror, action-adventure, and mystery novels and short story collections of Gretchen Rix. Included will be the Goodall Mutiny series, the Boo-Done-It mystery series, story collections Ill Met By Moonlight, Twisted Rixter, and Baby Sings the Boos, and the action adventure novels Arroyo and the Safari Blade. We will also be selling books by our friend Patrick Kampman. Therse are vampire mysteries and ghost story novels
Gray Bear Comics We are the creators of the comic book series Speak No Evil. We will be at Aggiecon promoting issue one and two!
Sourbunny Productions art
Blue Box Photography None Photobooth, Wood art, Plushies
Randover Games Board Games, playmats, and other assorted gamer merchandise and geekery!
The Vidiot Media products - Games/DVDs/Comics/Magazines & Toys
Creator's Edge Press Comics and graphic novels including The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade
Myth Adventures None Games, Anime, Toys, Manga, Role playing, Gundams
Author M.R. Graham